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Emily Brandwin was the most unexpected CIA officer the Agency has ever hired. Everything about her was different. Most CIA officers aren’t recruited from the Funny Bone Comedy Club, but that’s what makes her story so engaging and relatable. As a public speaker, Emily shares her totally unique underdog journey from an improv comic to being recruited into the Agency’s prestigious Clandestine Service. Emily’s background served her well. Not only did she graduate at the top of her training class at “The Farm,” she was given several awards acknowledging her service in the field. Emily credits being different as the factor that led to her success.

During Emily’s keynote address, you’ll hear her completely unique, outrageous, funny and inspiring story of how she became the CIA’s most unlikely spy. Her speeches highlight the need for diversity of experience and thought. She’ll inspire audiences to embrace their differences and recognize their individual power. With humor and insight, Emily leaves audiences laughing and with a deeper understanding of how the most secretive agency in America functions (or dysfunctions as the case may be).

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Emily Brandwin has worked as a spokesperson for a variety of companies, including ADT, Dashlane and The Weather Channel. With Emily’s unique background, she is the perfect spokesperson for a variety of services and products.



With her unique background in both intelligence and entertainment, Emily can lend her expertise and consult on your book, tv show, movie, podcast, or any other project. She can help keep your project grounded in reality not “reelality.”