from Comedy to the CIA

The CIA Doesn’t Need To Be On Twitter

The CIA recently made big news for its tweets. While every U.S. government agency is on Twitter, I think the CIA  should rethink their social media strategy and lay off the Tupac tweets. I shared my thoughts in a piece for The Guardian. Read More >>

24: Live Another Day

24: Live Another Day – Jack Bauer is as unrealistic as ever, and that’s … OK The show returns with Snowden-style leaks and drones upon drones. But trust me: that’s enough non-fiction. Real spy work isn’t nearly as exciting. I’m excited for the return of 24 to FOX, and was even more excited when The… Read More >>

From CIA to Writer…in Cosmo

I knew making the career jump from CIA Covert Operative to Freelance Writer & Commentator was going to be a challenge.  Never in my wildest dreams could I have anticipated that my first job after leaving the CIA would involve an encounter with a pet monkey.  Read about my tips/advice for women looking to make… Read More >>

Sex in the CIA…Declassified.

Sex in the CIA…Declassified.

Folks often ask me about the perils of dating when working for the CIA. In the December issue of Marie Claire, you can read all about it in my first article for the magazine. Excerpt from the article, The Spies Who (Tried To) Love Me  “Assets,” “surveillance detection routes,” duffel bags packed with weapons: These… Read More >>