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The CIA Doesn’t Need To Be On Twitter

The CIA recently made big news for its tweets. While every U.S. government agency is on Twitter, I think the CIA  should rethink their social media strategy and lay off the Tupac tweets. I shared my thoughts in a piece for The Guardian.

24: Live Another Day

24: Live Another Day – Jack Bauer is as unrealistic as ever, and that’s … OK The show returns with Snowden-style leaks and drones upon drones. But trust me: that’s enough non-fiction. Real spy work isn’t nearly as exciting. I’m excited for the return of 24 to FOX, and was even more excited when The […]

From CIA to Writer…in Cosmo

I knew making the career jump from CIA Covert Operative to Freelance Writer & Commentator was going to be a challenge.  Never in my wildest dreams could I have anticipated that my first job after leaving the CIA would involve an encounter with a pet monkey.  Read about my tips/advice for women looking to make […]

Sex in the CIA…Declassified.

Folks often ask me about the perils of dating when working for the CIA. In the December issue of Marie Claire, you can read all about it in my first article for the magazine. Excerpt from the article, The Spies Who (Tried To) Love Me  “Assets,” “surveillance detection routes,” duffel bags packed with weapons: These [&hellip

CIA SpyGirl on ABC’s Nightline

“It’s the most epic game of Marco Polo ever.” Emily Brandwin on ABC’s Nightline The Snowden debacle will forever change the way CIA, NSA or any USG agency operating with a clearance functions. The fact that it has taken THIS LONG for Uncle Sam to apprehend Snowden is astounding and the political ripples will continue [&helli

I’m a huge fan of Jeff Stein’s work and love following him on twitter @SpyTalk. So, I was very excited when he asked me for a quote for a piece on Former CIA Employee turned “Whistleblower” Edward Snowden. CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE

Listen to My Interview with Kevin & Bean on KROQ

Living in LA, I usually start my mornings with Kevin and Bean on KROQ. As far as radio morning shows go, they’ve set the bar. With Lisa May and Ralph, it’s amazing how well they all work together and put out an entertaining show day after day. So it was quite a thrill and honor […]

Last week I spoke with the Beth and Friends morning show on 99.9FM KEZ in Phoenix, Arizona. I always enjoy chatting about my time in The CIA, especially the story of how I ended up working there. You can listen to the full interview here: KEZ 99.9 FM Radio Interview CIA SpyGirl

CIA SpyGirl on KROQ

So Exciting!  Ever since I’ve lived in LA, I’ve been a HUGE fan of  KROQ-FM (106.7) & of course “Kevin & Bean.”  Tune in on Wednesday, May 22 at 8:05am/pst and hear me interviewed in their “Ask a CIA Spy” segment. I’ll be answering all sorts of questions about the CIA, espionage and maybe even [&
READ MORE >>> Twitter Spotlight: CIA SpyGirl

I had such great fun doing this interview on See below for an excerpt from the interview! Here’s a first: a former spy in the Twitter Spotlight! Emily Brandwin who also goes by @CIASpyGirl on Twitter has also dabbled in stand up comedy as well as public relations. Versatile? Yes. When Emily and I […]

CIA SpyGirl in St. Louis Magazine

What a thrill it was to spend some time with St. Louis magazine’s Jeannette Cooperman for this article that was featured in their December issue. You can read the article here by clicking on the graphic flip book or if you don’t want to use flash, you can click the excerpt “read more” to view […]

I, Spy. Emily in Marie Claire Australia

The firsthand account of my journey from comedian to spy was recently published in the Australian edition of Marie Claire magazine. Excerpt from the article: I, Spy. “I need an occupation. Anything, just shout something out.” Bathed in the musty half-light of yet another dank-smelling comedy club, I was performing my stand-up routine an

After spending several years performing in dark nightclubs as an improv comedian, I took the next logical career jump and joined the Central Intelligence Agency…yes, that CIA.

While I never quite achieved that sexy Jennifer Garner spy look, I did have some crazy adventures traveling the world. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you where I traveled, so don’t ask. I was involved in several important covert missions, but I can’t tell you about that either. Sorry.

I can tell you that I’ve returned to my creative roots as a freelance writer. And I tweet about everything from the CIA, international affairs, Broadway musicals and The Bachelor (don’t judge). So follow me on Twitter @CIAspygirl.