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The first and most important rule for being a CIA spy is: Don’t fuck your asset. This rule bears repeating: Don’t sleep with your asset, don’t nail a potential asset, don’t have “relations” with someone who even knows your asset. Once sex is introduced into a spy-asset relationship, the critical element of control is lost. […]

When I first joined the CIA, I was hired to be a Theatrical Effects Specialist, which I assumed meant that I would be teaching acting classes to spies. Why else would they hire a drama major? Armed with a theater degree a few years out of college, I was prepared to show hardened covert operatives […]

I was a CIA covert operative. First, I worked as a Disguise Officer, creating wigs and mustaches for spies, then as an Operations Officer — an actual spy like Alias’s Sydney Bristow, but without the killer wardrobe (much to my chagrin). I couldn’t tell my friends or family what I did for a living or […]

After spending several years performing in dark nightclubs as an improv comedian, I took the next logical career jump and joined the Central Intelligence Agency…yes, that CIA.

While I never quite achieved that sexy Jennifer Garner spy look, I did have some crazy adventures traveling the world. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you where I traveled, so don’t ask. I was involved in several important covert missions, but I can’t tell you about that either. Sorry.

I can tell you that I’ve returned to my creative roots as a freelance writer. And I tweet about everything from the CIA, international affairs, Broadway musicals and The Bachelor (don’t judge). So follow me on Twitter @CIAspygirl.