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The Americans: Going Undercover to Reveal the Real Secrets of the CIA

As a big (ok, make that HUGE) fan of the FX show The Americans, I was beyond thrilled to shoot a ten part digital series for the show.  These spots feature the show’s creator Joe Weisberg (a former CIA guy) and me chatting about the reality of life in the CIA and espionage. We shot the […]

CIA SpyGirl on TV in St. Louis

My next stop in St. Louis was an interview on Fox 2 In the Morning (KTVI) with bow tie aficionado John Pertzborn–another great person to follow on twitter @PERTZFOX. Growing up in St. Louis, I always watched John on TV, so I felt like I came full circle having the fun opportunity to chat with him. Here’s a […]

CIA SpyGirl on the radio in St. Louis

Last week I flew back to my hometown St. Louis (Go Cards!) and delivered a Keynote Speech at Archc0n, an Intelligence & Security Conference. I loved returning back home and had the opportunity to do a couple of radio interviews and a fun tv interview on the FOX Morning show. On The McGraw Show on KTRS, I chatted with […]

I’m in Playboy!

I think I scored some solid wife points by legitimately giving my husband a reason to buy Playboy magazine. I’m in the September issue of Playboy ….and those are words I never ever thought I’d say. A few months ago, I chatted with writer Katherine Brodsky about the shift of women’s roles in espionage movies and TV shows.

The CIA Doesn’t Need To Be On Twitter

The CIA recently made big news for its tweets. While every U.S. government agency is on Twitter, I think the CIA  should rethink their social media strategy and lay off the Tupac tweets. I shared my thoughts in a piece for The Guardian.

I had a BLAST appearing on Hallmark’s Home & Family. I shared my favorite travel security/safety tips and chatted about the latest and greatest in travel gear. If that wasn’t good enough, I deifed my lactose intolerance by eating an amazing grilled cheese sandwich made by Celeb Chef Eric Greenspan (who was hilarious). I also got [&

So excited to be back on my absolute favorite radio station KROQ-FM on my absolute favorite morning show “Kevin & Bean.” Last week, I had an opportunity to talk about the new season of 24: Live Another Day and how the show is absolutely nothing like the actual CIA.   Click below to listen to the interview. Emily […]

Top 5 on The Wire

A big THANK YOU to The Wire for including my story titled 24: Live Another Day as one of the “Five Best Monday Columns.” So honored and flattered. 

24: Live Another Day

24: Live Another Day – Jack Bauer is as unrealistic as ever, and that’s … OK The show returns with Snowden-style leaks and drones upon drones. But trust me: that’s enough non-fiction. Real spy work isn’t nearly as exciting. I’m excited for the return of 24 to FOX, and was even more excited when The […]

Say what you want about social media but I LOVE how it can bring people into your world.  Recently, I had the honor of being interviewed by Katherine Rocheleau for her blog Be The Hero. She read my interview in the January issue of Cosmopolitan and reached out to me. I’m glad she did!  She’s […]

From CIA to Writer…in Cosmo

I knew making the career jump from CIA Covert Operative to Freelance Writer & Commentator was going to be a challenge.  Never in my wildest dreams could I have anticipated that my first job after leaving the CIA would involve an encounter with a pet monkey.  Read about my tips/advice for women looking to make […]

Sex in the CIA…Declassified.

Folks often ask me about the perils of dating when working for the CIA. In the December issue of Marie Claire, you can read all about it in my first article for the magazine. Excerpt from the article, The Spies Who (Tried To) Love Me  “Assets,” “surveillance detection routes,” duffel bags packed with weapons: These [&hellip

I love The Walking Dead because it’s a show that knows what it’s about: personal relationships and zombies. That’s it.  There are zombies in the forest, zombies in the barn, zombies in the prison. Zombies everywhere. No matter what the personal drama is….I know I’ll get zombies. I’ll get a beheaded zombie, an eyeball stabbed zombie, [

If you’re ever at a party, or a coffee shop or a grocery store and bump into a woman who reveals that she used to work for the CIA, please don’t ask her if she’s just like Homeland’s Carrie. Unfortunately, there are only a handful of female CIA officers portrayed in television and film. And […]

Hot on the heels of my last post about the FIVE (surprisingly) best things about working for the CIA, I wanted to be fair and share the FIVE (not so surprisingly) worst things about working for the CIA. Here We Go (Again):   1.) Diversity: I was considered the diversity in my Clandestine Service Training […]

After spending several years performing in dark nightclubs as an improv comedian, I took the next logical career jump and joined the Central Intelligence Agency…yes, that CIA.

While I never quite achieved that sexy Jennifer Garner spy look, I did have some crazy adventures traveling the world. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you where I traveled, so don’t ask. I was involved in several important covert missions, but I can’t tell you about that either. Sorry.

I can tell you that I’ve returned to my creative roots as a freelance writer. And I tweet about everything from the CIA, international affairs, Broadway musicals and The Bachelor (don’t judge). So follow me on Twitter @CIAspygirl.