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The Americans: Going Undercover to Reveal the Real Secrets of the CIA

As a big (ok, make that HUGE) fan of the FX show The Americans, I was beyond thrilled to shoot a ten part digital series for the show.  These spots feature the show’s creator Joe Weisberg (a former CIA guy) and me chatting about the reality of life in the CIA and espionage.

We shot the series in a downtown Los Angeles warehouse that created the perfect clandestine spy atmosphere. The set was so realistic, that I had flashbacks to my espionage days traveling overseas in alias for the Agency. (Please note: I was much better dressed in these FX spots than I ever was at the CIA.) I had a blast at the shoot and it marked my first public appearance in pleather pants, which proved to be the most intimidating aspect of the day.

If you love The Americans like I do, go to THIS page on and you’ll find these videos on the EXTRAS tab. Joe and I answer all of those popular pressing spy questions. Every week or so, a new video will post so check back at THIS link (to hear the inside CIA scoop). If you like these videos, share them with your friends and fellow fans of The Americans.

Emily Brandwin for The Americans on FX

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