from Comedy to the CIA

CIA SpyGirl on the radio in St. Louis

Last week I flew back to my hometown St. Louis (Go Cards!) and delivered a Keynote Speech at Archc0n, an Intelligence & Security Conference. I loved returning back home and had the opportunity to do a couple of radio interviews and a fun tv interview on the FOX Morning show.

On The McGraw Show on KTRS, I chatted with the Bachelor obsessed (and I say that as a good thing) McGraw Millhaven and Farrah Fazal. They’re also fun to follow on twitter: @McGrawMilhaven@FarrahFazal. We chatted about the CIA and then I got schooled (big time) in Bachelor trivia. I thought I was a fan of the The Bachelor… clearly I’m a novice compared to McGraw.

CIA SpyGirl Emily Brandwin on KTRS

Click HERE to watch the interview.


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