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CIA SpyGirl on ABC’s Nightline

“It’s the most epic game of Marco Polo ever.”
Emily Brandwin on ABC’s Nightline

The Snowden debacle will forever change the way CIA, NSA or any USG agency operating with a clearance functions. The fact that it has taken THIS LONG for Uncle Sam to apprehend Snowden is astounding and the political ripples will continue to reverberate for years to come. My fear is not only the damage that Snowden will do to national security (that is becoming astoundingly clear) but the damage it is doing to the already tarnished reputation of our intelligence agencies, where hard working bright, capable, committed, men and women work tirelessly to keep our country safe. To say Snowden was a bad apple is an understatement, but I sincerely hope it does not overshadow the work that thousands of Americans do everyday in the name of national security.

Emily Brandwin CIA SpyGirl on Nightline 1

On Monday, I was happy to speak about this issue to ABC News Chief Investigative Correspondant Brian Ross, putting my own (hopefully) lively spin on the topic.  Based on my experience at the CIA, my opinions and thoughts on the topic are pretty clear and came to me quite easily. The bigger challenge was picking out the perfect outfit, which was complimented by the fake eyelashes thanks to the wonderful hair/makeup artist!


“It’s going to have an impact for years and years to come…”

I was also included in the article below, which includes more information and quotes from the interview, providing additional detail about this ongoing Snowden soap opera.

NSA Leaker Edward Snowden Not on Cuba Flight

My interview and quote were also included in the article and video from ABC’s Good Morning America, with an update on Putin’s response.

Putin Defies U.S. on Edward Snowden Extradition

This is a fascinating story, and I’ll continue to follow it and tweet about it as info becomes available.

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