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CIA SpyGirl on ABC’s Nightline

Yesterday at noon, a Producer for Nightline on ABC contacted me asking if I would do an interview in a few hours for a segment airing on the Edward Snowden epic scandal. With fake eyelashes (they’re a requirement, don’t judge) and encouragement from my husband, I did it.  The producer told me to be myself and to sound different from the other guests (Secretary of State John Kerry, Wikileaks Julian Assange and Pentagon Papers leaker Daniel Elsberg). I can safely say, I sounded different.  My interview ran at the beginning of the segment so I can forever say “I opened for John Kerry.”  I had a great time chatting with Brian Ross and working with the rest of the Nightline team.  Hope to post a link to the interview soon, in the meantime I included a few pics.

Emily Brandwin CIA SpyGirl on Nightline 2

Emily Brandwin CIA SpyGirl on Nightline 1

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