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My Brush with Johnny Depp

On Saturday night,  I went to the World Premiere of Disney’s The Lone Ranger and got up close to one of my favorite actors, Johnny Depp.  I know, I know “loving” Johnny Depp is not a unique feat; what ambulatory woman doesn’t find him hot?  But JD (that’s what I call him) will forever hold a special place in my heart as my first fictional role model in the world of undercover operations.

As a little girl, I used to watch 21 Jump Street in total awe and wanted to be a part of their undercover ragtag team of detectives. Slipping into aliases every week like “Officer Tom Hanson” and “Judy Hoffs” seemed exciting and cool, which was something I was not. (I was in “Special Gym Class” in 5th Grade, so I tended to look up to tv characters like these.) 21 Jump Street was my first real memory of seeing characters work undercover completely embodying new personas to fight crime.  Sure, there were other shows and characters that followed in this model, but I’ll always be indebted to Johnny Depp & the 21 Jump Street crew for serving as my first inspiration in the world of undercover covert operations.

CIA SpyGirl Emily Brandwin and Johnny DeppCIA SpyGirl Emily Brandwin and Armie Hammer The Lone RangerCIA SpyGirl at Lone Ranger Premiere

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