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The CIA and Plan B

Officiating my first wedding.
Officiating my first wedding.

On Saturday night, my husband and I settled into our seats at my friend’s wedding, excited to witness the nuptials of two incredibly cool fun people. The ceremony seemed to be delayed slightly, but nothing out of the Wedding Ceremony norm. Then, I saw the Groom walk over to me.

“Congrats,” I squealed. “I’m so excited for you both.”


The dapper Groom smiled and said matter of factly “So, our officiant just texted, he’s going to be over an hour late.  Will you marry us? That’s our new plan, our Plan B.”


“Uh, yes,” I immediately said without thinking. I looked over at my husband with a “WHAT THE HELL DID I JUST SAY “YES” TO” expression and within one minute (literally, one minute) I was marrying my two sweet friends.


While at the microphone, I whispered to the Groom, “You sure about this?”  He smiled and said “Get us married!”


I did.


Life is Plan B. At the CIA you train for Plan A but most importantly you train for Plan B (because Plan A almost always goes to hell.)  In this case “Plan A” was stuck in LA Traffic (LAME) and unable to marry two fantastic people.  I learned that there doesn’t need to be an “official officiant” to conduct the ceremony. You just need a room filled with friends, family and love-which was in abundance on on my friend’s wedding day. I was so honored (and  a little surprised) my friends thought to ask me, I think my expression says it all.  And a little thanks to my old CIA “Farm” instructors for giving me the tools to handle Plan B.

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