from Comedy to the CIA

CIA SpyGirl in St. Louis Magazine

What a thrill it was to spend some time with St. Louis magazine’s Jeannette Cooperman for this article that was featured in their December issue. You can read the article here by clicking on the graphic flip book or if you don’t want to use flash, you can click the excerpt “read more” to view the full article on the St Louis magazine website.

St. Louis Magazine CIA Spygirl Emily BrandwinExcerpt from the St. Louis Magazine article: A Conversation with Emily Brandwin
Not many people move from comedy to the CIA; the agency’s hardly famous for its sense of humor. But when you think about it, a big part of spying is acting, playing a part in an unfolding drama. Emily Brandwin loved acting. She preferred any persona to her own. She also loved her Jewish mother, a wannabe spy. And she learned how good she was at thinking on her feet when she started doing improv with other theater majors at Washington University. They called their group Kaktabulz…

Kaktabulz is a terrible name for an improv group. Isn’t it?
Two of the guys made it up when they were drunk. We actually got some private gigs in St. Louis, though, including one for the Lemp Mansion, and we got paid! I also did improv with The Madding Crowd—we played at the Funny Bone and Union Station.>>>READ MORE>>>

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