from Comedy to the CIA

I, Spy. Emily in Marie Claire Australia

The firsthand account of my journey from comedian to spy was recently published in the Australian edition of Marie Claire magazine.

I Spy CIA SpyGirl Marie ClaireExcerpt from the article: I, Spy.
“I need an occupation. Anything, just shout something out.” Bathed in the musty half-light of yet another dank-smelling comedy club, I was performing my stand-up routine and seeking interaction from the audience.
“Proctologist!” came the suggestion from a sleazy man in the corner. “Maybe something a bit cleaner. Think something you would see in a Disney movie,” I pleaded.
“Gynaecologist,” came a shout from the back.
“I don’t know what kind of Disney movie you’re watching, Sir, but I don’t seem to remember Bambi getting a pelvic exam.”

Another night of stand-up. Another “adoring” audience filled with lecherous men. Who’d have thought that a year earlier I had graduated from¬† university with a theatre degree? But now, at 22 and still living at home in St. Louis, Missouri, I found myself pondering the time-honoured question of all recent graduates: what am I going to be when I grow up? As I surveyed my prospects, I surmised that a) I was kind of funny, b) I loved soap operas, c) I enjoyed shopping, and d) there weren’t many jobs that made good use of a, b and c. >>>CLICK THE FLIP BOOK TO READ MORE>>>

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